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Component 4

Project Management

Project Management Support is one of the important functions that ensure smooth implementation of Project activities. This comprises of ensuring setting up of project management units at state and district level (including human resources and equipment), provision for the operating users, investment in human resources development to take up challenges of  project implementation, designing monitoring mechanisms and instruments for physical, financial, process and impact monitoring and ensuring their smooth implementation to support project decision making,  documenting learning’s from the implementation process, disseminating the learning’s on a wider scale for knowledge building and increasing awareness about new and emerging opportunities both at field as well as external environment level.  Reporting and liaison with project partner organizations, support organizations, external professional agencies and the donor agency forms another important function of the project management support systems.
  • To set up project management unit for project planning and implementation
  • To streamline project implementation arrangements as envisaged in the PIP
  • To take up monitoring and learning of project processes and outputs
  • To generate learning’s, repackage the same into knowledge and disseminate the same not only among project stakeholders but to a wider development community.
Various interventions that are planned under the component are as follows:

Project Management Support: The project management support involves developing implementation strategies, operational guidelines, packaging them in manuals to support the implementation staff, field functionaries, WUA managing committee and support organizations. Support on the above aspects will be provided for Project initiation, annual planning, internal review of project management, quality control and supervision, and Human Resources Development.

Capacity building: The capacity building objective of the project is to develop and enhance the capacities of all direct stakeholders of the project from the WUA members up to the state level staff of the PMU in achieving the objectives of the project through a results based management strategy.

Under this, the project capacity building strategy will be to:

  • Strengthen field / organization level operations
  • Improve performance to achieve agreed results
  • Move to partnership arrangements with different project stakeholders
  • Promote greater sharing of knowledge, learning and best practices
  • Promote accountability and transparency in project processes
  • Improve ability to co-ordinate with other sectors and projects
Project monitoring and learning
The Project proposes to adopt a learning and communication plan for the project right from the beginning. The AP Information and Resource Centre proposed as part of the project PMU will be entrusted with formulating and implementing these plans.
The learning and communication plan for the project will encompass the following activities:
  • Thematic studies and research;
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Publication and information dissemination
  • Promoting stakeholder networks
  • Policy research and advocacy
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