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For effective implementation of the project, GoAP has issued a Government Order (GO MS No. 231 dated 23-12-06). Accordingly Irrigation and Command Area Development Department, GoAP has established a Project Management Unit (PMU) which will act as a special purpose vehicle for speedy implementation. District Project Units at each district are responsible for the project implementation with assistance of support organizations at the tank level. The implementation arrangement from state to the tank level is described below in detail.

State level implementation arrangement
The project at the state level will be reviewed by a Project Steering Committee with the Chief Secretary as the Chairperson and heads of other related departments as members. The Project Co-ordinator (Commissioner CADA and Principal Secretary, I&CAD Department) will be the Convener of the Project Steering Committee.
The state level agency responsible for implementation of the project will be the Command Area Development Authority in the Irrigation & Command Area Development Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh. The CADA will form a Project Management Unit (PMU), which will be headed by the State Project Director CADA to implement the project. The PMU will have professionals from technical, institutional development, Agri-business, monitoring learning, information dissemination, procurement and finance disciplines.
The existing Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation will be incharge for technical inputs to the Technical Unit of the PMU. A new Renovation & Restoration Unit will be established with a Superintendent Engineer, 2 Executive Engineers, 4 Deputy Executive Engineers and 12 Assistant Executive Engineers / Assistant Engineers. The engineering staff of the R & R Unit will be on deputation from the Irrigation Department and will be dedicated solely to implementation of the Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Project. The staff of the remaining six units of the PMU will be hired on contract from the open market.
The Technical Unit will be responsible for implementation of Tank Systems Improvement Component of the project. The Institutional Development Unit will be responsible for implementation of the Strengthening Community-based Institutions for Tank System Improvement and Management component of the project and the Agri-Business Unit will be responsible for the implementation of the Livelihoods Support Services for Tank System Users component of the project. The Monitoring & Learning Unit and the Andhra Pradesh Information & Resource Centre will be responsible for monitoring and evaluation of the project and management of information system for the project. The General Management Unit and the Finance & Procurement Unit will be responsible for the administration and financial management of the project.

District level implementation arrangement
The project at the district level will be reviewed by a District Level Implementation Committee with the District Collector as the Chairperson and other related district officers being the members. The Vice Chairperson of the DLIC will be nominated from among the Support Organizations assisting project implementation in the district. The District Project Director will be the Member Secretary of the DLIC.

In each project district, CADA will establish a District Project Unit (DPU). The DPU will be headed by a District Project Director of the rank of an Executive Engineer. The DPU will be supported by professionals from technical, Institutional development, agri-business, monitoring and learning, finance and procurement.

The Technical Unit of the DPU will be established by deputing one Irrigation Division of the district, with its entire staff, to the DPU. This unit will be solely dedicated to implementation of the Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Project. In districts where only one Irrigation Division exists, a new Division will be established and deputed to the DPU. The PMU will have the facility to hire technical staff on contract to augment the strength of the DPU Technical Unit where required. The staff of the remaining four units of the DPU will be hired on contract from the open market.

Tank Cluster Level Implementation Arrangement
At the tank cluster level a Support Organization (SO) will facilitate community mobilization and participation. Each SO will be assigned at least one cluster of tanks consisting of 5 to 10 tanks.

The DPU will be responsible for identification and selection of the SO in a district following a defined selection procedure. Based on the selection procedure SOs will be empanelled in a district. The DPU will contract SOs, as required, when tanks are taken up for rehabilitation in a district. At the time of contracting the SOs will be provided with the ToR for the SOs, based on which they will prepare their implementation plan and schedule.

Tank level implementation arrangement

At the tank level the project implementation will be the responsibility of the Water Users Association. To assist a WUA in performing its roles and responsibilities, each WUA will have a few para-workers linked to it. These para-workers will be educated person from the WUA area identified by the respective WUAs and trained by the project to perform specific tasks. Nominally, there will be a para-worker for institutional development, agriculture development and livelihood promotion and water management with each WUA.

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