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A comprehensive programme for restoration of tanks and revitalization of irrigation potential in a decentralized manner through community involvement was the primary need to strengthen the reform in the irrigation sector and Participatory Irrigation Management in particular of the State. Accordingly Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Project is primarily designed to improve the status of selected tanks in the state in project mode.
Objectives of the project

Selected tank based producers improve agricultural productivity and water user associations manage tank system effectively.

The four components of the project are:

1. Strengthening community based institutions to assume responsibility for tank system improvement and management – including development of human resources, formation and / or strengthening of local institutions for tank improvement and management and development of mechanisms whereby the needs of traditionally vulnerable stakeholders can be addressed.
2. Tank systems improvement – including physical investments in tank systems with command area of 40 ha and above. The actual rehabilitation work required would be determined for each system individually with an upfront Tank Improvement and Management Plan (TIMP) prepared in consultation with tank users prior to undertaking any investments. In general, investments are likely to address deficiencies in feeder channels, tank bed and structures and the water distribution and drainage systems.

3. Agricultural livelihoods support services – including promotion of farmer interest groups, agricultural research and extension, support through public agencies and private service providers as appropriate and facilitation of credit and market linkages for agricultural producers / growers (including fisheries and livestock products).

4. Project Management – activities under this component would help ensure effective project management at the state and district levels, information and logistic support, communications, project related consultancies and concurrent monitoring and evaluation.

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